“No man is an island” 
We probably heard that a million times. That saying is actually very true for me. The solitude way I have walked has brought me bad – as well as good times but did not gave me that kind of freedom I was seeking for. The freedom to become the complete individual artist that own’s his canvas without any distraction what’s so ever. The freedom to act as a monopolist; even though, or rather because, it’s illegal.
Timing is everything. Enthusiasm, faith, and commitment is overarching. The moment I met Ruud Hiensch all this came in place for me.
People actually can work hard to achieve their goal in life because someone has helped. Teamwork!
Ruud, you are not only professional support, you have grown on me as a dear friend. Both valuables give me the freedom to be the artist I need to be.
Thank you!
10 September 2018